Art Direction: Abby Guido
SPòRA Vineyards is an Earth friendly, mushroom wine company. Each of our wines is meant to be paired with a specific mushroom in order to enhance flavors. We have partnered with Ecovative to really bring our brand together with mushroom packaging. Ecovative is the mycelium technology company that designs and grows materials that come straight from nature. The Mycelium Foundry designs fully-formed structures that perform just like, or better than plastic, leather, meat, turning to compost at the end of their life to meet demand without the environmental costs. While working with a company with such strong goals, the task was to create a brand of mushroom pair-able wines which draw a connection to both the product and the packaging.
SPòRA wine set presented on wine stands
SPòRA wine bottles
Enoki mushroom illustration
This was a custom sized mailer box created in Adobe Illustrator to fit the specific size of the mushroom packaging. After creating the proper dimensions for the box, it was taken into Fantastic Fold where it was virtually folded and mocked up and then transferred into Adobe Stager.
SPòRA wine with packaging and wine barrel
SPòRA wine set layout with open box design
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