Art Direction: Jenny Kowalski
A Mexican craft cocktail bar with a very high end twist. The look and feel of the interior design is very rich while capturing some of the most beautiful details of the Mexican culture. The star of the show is the custom Mexican inspired craft cocktails each topped off with a unique garnish paired with its own respective drink. With many options and different colors, the drinks are visibly pleasing as well as inviting to your taste buds. The main goal of this cocktail bar is to invite the customers through the initial look and vibe of the bar and the first taste will leave them wanting more (hence the name MAS, meaning “more” in Spanish). When it comes to drinks, there's nothing quite like a beverage that's been crafted with care and attention to detail. That's exactly what you can expect from our drinks, which are all handcrafted to look absolutely stunning. Whether you're looking for a refreshing pick-me-up in the middle of a long day or something to enjoy with friends on a night out, our drinks are always a great choice.
Exterior look at Más Craft Cocktail Lounge
Our Story
The idea for this Mexican craft cocktail lounge came about when I thought about my personal life and family history. My family comes from Jalisco, Mexico, where most of the tequila in the world comes from. In fact, my family owns tequila farms which is where the idea for a Mexican cocktail lounge came about. When looking at the branding for this restaurant I dug a little deeper to make the meaning of each deliverable a little more personal. When looking at the shape of the drink coasters I came up with, you can see the shape is not quite a perfect circle but slightly more ovular. This shape draws inspiration from the shape of the “Coa De Jima” which is the tool used to harvest the Blue Agave plant where tequila comes from. When looking at the very soft blue I chose for the main color of the company, I chose it because of the name and slight hint of blue that comes off of the Blue Agave plant itself. The drinks are very special to the company because they are what brings our customers in. The idea for the cocktail list I have created comes from the main things that come to mind when I think of growing up as a Latin American. Each drink takes a twist on very popular craft cocktails and adds traditional Mexican ingredients which is where the history and culture comes through.
Winter menu design for Más
Winter Menu 2021
I created all of the drinks and snacks on the menu seen above. I took popular drinks and added a Mexican twist to them by adding ingredients that I grew up drinking and eating. Don't forget to take a look at the delicious bar snacks as well!
The full logo draws inspiration from the blue agave plant, which is where our tequila comes from in Jalisco, Mexico. I also incorporated this imagery into the name of the cocktail lounge in the logo below as you can see it uses the same shape for the letters in “MAS”. The font “Manofa” which is underneath, fit well with the look of the restaurant and the overall vibe I was going for and you can see it being used throughout my brand.
Más logo design
Más logo design
Aerial view of Más craft cocktails on coasters
Aerial view of all eight cocktails on the winter menu
Bar Snacks
With the making of a cocktail lounge, you have to think of some tasty, yet simple bar snacks for the guests. Since we do not have a full service kitchen, these bar snacks are prepared fresh every morning and served as they are needed. A limited selection of three bar snacks are available as you can see two photographed down below.
Aerial view of bar snacks
Más business card design
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