Art Direction: Drew Gonzalez
Astral Garden is a premier plant shop specializing in rare specimens for knowledgeable plant enthusiasts. In addition to offering rare seeds, we provide subscription boxes and seasonal product catalogs. Discover Earth's finest specimens with us!
When designing the logo for Astral Garden, my goal was to create a distinctive and sophisticated brand identity that sets it apart from typical gardening companies. I aimed to reflect the high-end nature of the business, which specializes in offering rare and exclusive plants to discerning clients. This is encapsulated in my refined and elegant logo, which embodies the brand's upscale and unique character.
Below are several logo variations I developed during the process of creating the final logo for the company.
All of the products sold through Astral Garden are premium, high-end items. To justify their price, the presentation must reflect their exclusivity. The packaging and layouts I designed achieve this by pairing beautiful imagery with soft, elegant colors, ensuring the products look as luxurious as they are.
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